My World Map: The Travels of my Life

A TCK Life world map that can be customized for any of your travels. Interested in seeing one with your name on it? Let me know, and we’ll see if it’s worth production. Currently designed to be produced on an 18″x24″ canvas.

2 thoughts on “My World Map: The Travels of my Life

  1. Antoine

    Is there another way to identify a young adult who was born and raised in the same place but moved to study abroad once 18, moved after college for work, then had to leave and move again for VISA reasons, and has since been trying to find a place to feel comfortable and at home? Does anyone ever use the term “Third Culture Adults”?

    1. James R. Mitchener Post author

      Hi Antoine! Once you cross that 18 marker, you’re officially in expatriate land. Your culture of youth is pretty much set by the age of about 14-16, unless that culture has been in constant flux. Then the third Culture has a tendency to remain unlocked and continues to adapt, though never as thoroughly as it did in childhood. Expats can still be great culture adapters though. The main difference is the definitive first culture experience that TCKs lack. So basically the term you’re looking for is Expatriate, someone who spends their adulthood living outside of their passport country.


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