TCK Chat

One of the greatest things about the internet generation is that continuing the conversation with like-minded, globalized Third Culture Kids isn’t anywhere near as difficult as it once was. Thanks to social media, TCKs everywhere can stay connected in ways we’ve never been able to before, and more than that, we can meet others who are experiencing similar things as ourselves, make new friends, and relate with people on a global plane never achieved before.

That’s why I want to invite all my TCK friends out there to join myself and a large group of very intelligent, very excited, and very committed TCKs on twitter for #TCKChat.

#TCKChat is hosted on twitter every other week on Wednesday in two time slots, just to make sure everyone in all time zones can participate. It lasts one hour, and usually consists of 5 or 6 questions followed by every TCK chatting with each-other under the trending topic of #TCKChat. Just click the following link for all the details on #TCKChat you could possibly need, hosted by our incredible friends at Bate Consulting, along with several other amazing TCKs I’ve very much grown to know and love.

To find it, log into twitter, and then search #TCKChat. It’s as simple as that.

So, if you’re looking to meet new TCKs, come join the conversation. We want to hear what you have to say!

For more information, visit: TCK Chat on Bate Consulting

3 thoughts on “TCK Chat

  1. Rebecca

    You ask me who I am. I tell you
    Something, but the truth is
    I don’t actually know.

    You ask me where I’m from. I give you
    A few answers, but the truth is
    None of them are right.

    You think it’s funny
    But you don’t know
    What it’s like.

    How am I supposed to love
    When everyone I love
    Is left behind?

    I try to be different
    When in reality
    I just want to be the same.

    You ask me who I am. I tell you
    Something, but the truth is
    I don’t actually know.

    1. Jenna

      wow I loved this!!! its very true and really hit home, as I am a TCK as well!! thanks for writing this!!!

  2. Ruth Bateson

    Welcome home

    you liars
    this is not my home

    Should I be
    forever grateful
    to be here in your world

    Do I have to
    like it
    like you like it

    Just because
    they are different
    doesn’t mean they’re not my friends

    Just because
    my house was small
    doesn’t mean it was ugly

    Just because
    I look like you
    doesn’t mean I am like you


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