The Illusive Home

Third Culture Kid Life started here, with The Illusive Home.

The Illusive Home is the groundwork for a larger, more in depth work. It is a collection defining the importance of culture and what it means to be part of the Third Culture Kid community. It attempts to explain what it means to be a Third Culture Kid, the effects that growing up in a Third Culture has on our lives, and why all of these life-changing events have created the people we are today.

This collection started off as a free one, but since its completion, it has been converted into an ebook available for 2.99 in the Amazon store. It is available for purchase at the following links:

UK Kindle: Buy The Illusive Home here

US Kindle: Buy The Illusive Home here

EU Kindle: Buy The Illusive Home here

If you were a reader of The Illusive Home prior to its completion and would like a copy, let me know and I will have a copy sent your way as a PDF for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your support over the course of The Illusive Home‘s and Third Culture Kid Life‘s development.

6 thoughts on “The Illusive Home

  1. bhavna

    Hi James,
    I a TCK counsellor and would love to be able to read The Illusive Home but (un)fortunately! don’t have a kindle. Any other way to purchase this book?

  2. expatsincebirth

    Hi James, I’m very interested in reading your book The Illusive Home, but I don’t have a kindle. Are you planning to publish it in some other format? And: I’m looking for a bibliography about ATCK’s writing about their experience of raising TCK’s. I would appreciate any kind of help. – Ute

    1. James R. Mitchener Post author

      Ute, thanks for reading TCK Life and I’m glad to see you’re interested in The Illusive Home. I am currently in the process of getting approval for Google to post it in the Google Play store, but until then it is in limbo on other devices. If the book is intended for research purposes, I would be happy to send you a free version of the book as a PDF. If this is the case, please feel free to email me at and I will send you a copy. As for ATCK writing, I have a few that I follow. Cecelia Haynes writes Unsettled TCK which is an excellent work with a healthy collection of images that will light up TCK minds. Her blog can be found here; Also, Janet Abercrombie writes a great collection about being an expat educator, primarily working as an expatirate but also teaching developing TCKs. Her collection can be found here;

      Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, concerns, that would help you in any way. I am happy to provide any information I can, so don’t hesitate to write. Again, my contact email is:

  3. expatsincebirth

    Thank you for the hints. I’ve subscribed to the two blogs already (they’re great!). I intend to use your book for research purposes – I’ll write you a mail. Thanks a lot! Ute


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