TCK Life Search Video

Thanks to the power of the Google Omniverse, this blog is going to be a little different to normal. I stumbled across the Google Search Video creation tool, and decided to put a little Search compilation together. It was quick-and-easy, but the point I was trying to make was to capture the elements of twenty-first century technology and the Adult TCK transitioning experience.

But that’s enough about that. Here’s the video:

Post by: James R. Mitchener

5 thoughts on “TCK Life Search Video

  1. Orpa

    Hey James
    I just stumbled onto your blog a few days ago and read through it. Its terrific, I love what you are writing and already followed your blog. I am ethnically Bangladeshi, born in the US and raised in Egypt and Switzerland, so I can relate to what you write a lot.
    Looking forward to your next entry!


    1. James R. Mitchener Post author

      Welcome to Third Culture Kid Life, Orpa! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the collection. It’s funny, when I started this project, I was truly terrified that no one would relate or understand what it was I was talking about. The funny thing about being a TCK is that it’s really hard to find other TCKs to talk to about the subject matter. It’s an extremely lonely way to go about life, especially for someone like myself who loves talking to everyone about matters of consequence. It appears that this project was exactly what I was looking for, thanks to TCKs like yourself. It’s the readers and the people that leave comments that show that even though we grew up in different places, saw different things, adopted different cultures, we’re really not that different at all. TCKs share a lot more than I ever expected.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting. It’s a pleasure to digitally meet you!

      1. Orpa

        Well I’m really glad that you didn’t drop the idea, and you are right being a TCK can be very lonely but I personally dont mind that aspect as much because what you gain out of this life style is worth it a million times over. But I never knew that TCKs shared so much until I started reading your blog I used to think it was just me being overly complicated.
        It’s a pleasure to digitally meet you too.


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